Greenhill House

This large contemporary house is like a glass wrapped box emerging from a hill. The layout includes several levels and areas sectioned by courtyards and walkways. This challenging design required a significant period of time in council and when finally approved it had the overcome hurdles of building on hills face, on such a steep slope surrounded by significant trees overlooking Cleland National Park. The results were well worth the wait in Council.

The windows and sliding glass doors open onto the courtyards and back into other wings of the house. The blackbutt timber floors are carefully aligned so the space flows from interior flooring out to the external decking. Floor to ceiling commercial section windows take in views of stunning bush.

Parking on the slope was an issue, so there is an upper carport as well as a rolling sealed driveway down to the garage at house level for comfort and convenience. Entry to the house is through the garage and laundry or via the lofty glass doors off the rear blackout timber deck.


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