Lucent is a family-owned, custom builder who pride themselves on providing a personal service, delivering the highest quality builds on time and on budget.

Clients tell us they appreciate our lack of sales and administration people. When you engage Lucent as your builder, you deal directly with Oli and Mike from first meeting to final handover. As a debt-free company we are in a position to be able to offer clients competitive prices that are not inflated by high overheads.

You can be certain of our experience, expertise and integrity when you engage us as your builder. Your home will be built to an exemplary level, delivering all the elegance, comfort and luxury that you have planned for. Our staff and tradespeople bring the highest level of skill and care which coupled with our fastidious eye for detail results in exceptional craftsmanship every time.

We believe that the building process and the final outcome are best served by encouraging open and frequent communication between everyone – client, builder and architect.

Oli Sierp, Owner Director, started in the construction industry in 1990 and is a licensed builder. He founded Lucent (originally called Sierp Homes) in 2011. Oli’s workmanship, attention to detail and appreciation for fine architectural design has resulted in many unique and beautiful custom homes being built across Adelaide and South Australia.

Mike Steen, Project Manager, has more than 35 years in the industry as a licensed builder and project manager. He has worked on iconic projects, such as the Southern Ocean Lodge, Kangaroo Island and is adept at delivering projects in remote locations and using diverse materials and methods. 

Our Philosophy

Our vision as a company is to provide the highest possible level of customer service available.

We are inspired by the inherent beauty – and the challenges – of building architecturally designed homes. From the big picture to execution of the smallest details, we focus on delivering a home of exceptional quality that sparks joy in our clients and gives ongoing pleasure.

The relationships we have with our clients, their architects, our tradespeople and our suppliers is important to us. Our working style is collaborative and respectful. We believe that by discussing each project in detail with the architect well before we start, we can avoid many of the frustrations and delays clients usually face. Once a project is underway, we also work hard to keep the lines of communication open between everyone. Like our clients, we value honesty, transparency and a willingness to work together to achieve the vision.